User Permissions Table

See all Office memosx
Change user typex
See office setup menuxx
See/create reportsxx
Change office informationx
See all user’s operation historyx
Add a userx
Add a providerxx
Grant patient/referral accessxxx
Change fee/unit schedulesxx
Create/modify a transactionxxx
Create a new chairxx
Modify activity setsxx
Schedule a patientxxx
Create planning modelsxx
Create/modify modelsxx
Create/modify recall rulesxx
Create/modify custom codesxx


Patient and Referral profiles can only access the following information on patients who have been referred to them:

  • Patient profile – name, address, phone, etc.
  • Memos -send to and receive from administrator
  • Treatment Plans –  view only
  • Photos – view only
  • Treatment history – view only
  • Charting – view only
  • Prescriptions – view only previously prescribed rx
  • Notes – view only selected notes, and create new notes
  • Cannot view any reports, insurance claims or financial information